ASU central loose tube type all-dielectric optical cable

ASU all-dielectric optical cable adopts central loose tube structure, and the optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high-modulus polyester material, and the tube is filled with waterproof compound. The loose tube and two high-strength nonmetallic central reinforcing cores (FRP) are twisted into a compact cable core, and a tear rope convenient for cable stripping and some filling yarns are added into the cable core. Finally, the polyethylene (PE) outer sheath is extruded to form a cable.

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OPGW Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire

OPGW is an optical fiber composite overhead ground wire, referred to as OPGW optical cable. The optical fiber unit is put into the overhead ground wire, and the optical cable and the ground wire are organically combined. On the premise of ensuring the original electrical and mechanical properties of the overhead ground wire, information such as audio, video and data can be transmitted.

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ADSS All dielectric self-supporting optical fiber cable

ADSS optical cable adopts loose-jacketed stranded structure. Single-mode or multimode optical fiber is jacketed into a loose tube made of high-modulus plastic, and the tube is filled with water-repellent compound. Loose tube (filling rope) is twisted around the central nonmetallic reinforcement (FRP) to form a compact circular cable core, the gap in the cable core is filled with water-blocking filler, and the cable core is twisted with a layer of aramid fiber for reinforcement, and finally a polyethylene sheath or an electric trace-resistant outer sheath is extruded.

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