Social Responsibility

“Little Giant Enterprise” Honor

Scientific Development

Our company has always attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation, actively set up Industry-University-Research (IUR) platform, built “Optical Fiber and Cable Engineering Technology Research Center”, and conducted research and development of new products in conjunction with universities and research institutes. We were awarded the title of “high-tech enterprise”, “TL9000 management system certification” and other honorary certificates. Our company also actively carried out technical transformation. With R&D, and technical transformation, our technical level was improved, and the enterprise's sustainable development ability was enhanced, which not only increased economic benefits for our company, but also had good social and environmental benefits.

Fire Fighting Training Activity

Safety Responsibilities

Safe production is the most basic requirement and guarantee for enterprise development. Our company has established and strictly implemented safety production rules and regulations and responsibility system, continuously improved labor safety and health conditions, which ensures the safety of workers' labor and lives. For example: holding regular safety production training, organizing professional safety inspection, setting up special persons in charge of mechanical equipment safety, providing labor insurance supplies and fire-fighting facilities. We actively carried out the construction of safety standardization, and were rated as "Grade II Enterprise of Safety Standardization" by the State Administration of Work Safety. And we are "Ankang Cup" competition winner. And “Ankang Cup” is a honorary trophy for safe production.

Green Factory in Henan Province

Environmental Protection

Our company practices the concept of environmental protection, integrates energy saving and carbon reduction into production and management, and is committed to reducing energy consumption and the impact of carbon emission on the environment, such as: covering the workshop with vegetation and planting green isolation belts, to absorb and attenuate noise; using circulating water to save water, etc. Through the construction of photovoltaic power plants and the transformation of green energy-saving equipment, we finally realize energy conservation and emission reduction, which helps the green development of our company. We won the national green design product, and obtained the energy management system certification of GB/T 23331/ISO50001:2018, and also the title of " Green Factory in Henan Province".

Donation Site

Social donation

The acquisition of corporate wealth originates from the society, and it is the responsibility of every enterprise to repay the society. Since its establishment, Tianhe Telecommunication has been insisting on promoting charity culture and carrying out charity activities through multiple channels. Over the years, we have been insisting on helping needy workers, poor students in society, and regions with backward economic development. In addition, our company has also made great contributions to the development of education and sports, and were awarded "excellent enterprise supporting the development of education". Our company also calls on all employees to contribute their own strength, to express their enthusiasm for charity and care for the disadvantaged groups with practical actions. Our country and local government have highly affirmed our company and are committed to making Tianhe Telecommunication the highest level in the same industry, the first-class enterprise in China and even in the world!